Be Aware

Consider others and their experience wiath an open mind.

Be Kind

Keep love and kindness at the heart of your messages.

Be Inclusive

Make an effort to embrace mental health conversations.

Be Healthy

Learn how to improve your overall health.

The Dose of Wellness campaign bridges the often-overlooked connection between physical and mental health.

About Us

The Dose of Wellness campaign was created by the New Mexico Department of Human Services, Behavioral Health Services Division (BHSD) to erase the misconception that mental health is a separate issue from a person’s physical wellbeing. Designed to build awareness and start proactive conversations around mental health, the goal is to inspire New Mexicans to talk freely about the mental health issues that we all face.

The campaign launched on May 1, 2021, the first day of Mental Health Awareness month, with a recorded message from Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham about the importance of mental health conversations in our New Mexico communities. A sister campaign to the Dose of Reality substance use awareness campaign, also led by BHSD, the two campaigns work in tandem with each other to inform New Mexicans about common behavioral health challenges that are treatable and inspire the community to take proactive action.

Pledge with Us

Each month, we focus on messaging aligned with national awareness initiatives, such as Recovery Month (September), Mental Health Month (May), and PTSD Awareness Month (June). Our partners in the community are invited to collaborate and cross-promote mental wellness through channels of their own, and the pledges each month correspond to these monthly initiatives.

No community in New Mexico can be well until we all are well. In order to be well, we must recognize that mental health is just as critical as physical health. New Mexicans from every county are encouraged to take the #DoseofWellness pledge, and commit to being aware, being kind, being inclusive, and being healthy. Make the effort to embrace mental health conversations with your family, with your friends, and with your neighbors. Together, we can take a dose of wellness and build healthy, thriving communities.

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